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ILS competition geneal rules

Team management and competitors are responsible for being familiar
with the competition schedule, and with the rules and procedures
governing events.
i) Competitors may not be permitted to start in an event if they are
late reporting to the marshalling area.
ii) A competitor or team absent from the start of an event shall be
iii) Only competitors and officials shall be allowed on the pool deck in
the designated competition area. Competitors and officials must
leave the designated competition area when not competing or
iv) Unless specifically provided for in the rules, no artificial means of
propulsion may be used in competition (e.g., handwebs, armbands).
v) The use of sticky, tacky or adhesive substances (liquid, solid or
aerosol) on competitors’ hands or feet, or applied to the surface of
the manikin or rescue tube to improve grip, or to assist the
competitor to push off the pool bottom, is not permitted in pool
vi) Competitors shall not take assistance from the pool bottom except
where specifically allowed (e.g., Obstacle Swim, 4 x 25 m Manikin
vii) Taking assistance from any pool fittings (e.g., lane ropes, steps,
drains or underwater hockey fittings) is not permitted.
Pool Events – Section 4
viii) A competitor who interferes with another competitor during a race
shall be disqualified.
ix) In all events, at the conclusion of the race, competitors shall remain
in the water in their lane until instructed by the referee to leave the
(Competitors must exit by the sides of the pool, not by the pool end
over timing pads.)
x) Competitors shall wear their club or national team swim caps in all
events. Ocean event caps or rubber or silicone caps may be worn.
xi) Order-of-finish decisions, whether by judges or automated timing
equipment, are not subject to protest or appeal.
xii) Start decisions by the starter or referee (or referee’s designate) are
not subject to protest or appeal.

i) The duty of the referee and starter is to ensure a fair start. If the
starter or referee decides that a start is not fair, for any reason,
including technical or equipment fault, the competitors shall be
called back and the race shall be started again.
ii) Competitors shall be disqualified if they “commence a forward
starting motion” prior to the starting signal. Movement by itself is not
a disqualification. Anticipating the starting signal and commencing a
starting motion is a disqualification.
The starter and referee use their discretion in determining whether a
competitor – or more than one competitor – has commenced a
starting motion. Commonly, the early starting motion of one
competitor causes movement by other competitors. Such
movements are not a DQ.
iii) Start decisions by the starter or referee (or referee’s designate) are
not subject to protest or appeal.

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