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Iranian Lifesaving Federation history

Mr.Gibson as an sport adviser without border travelled to Iran in 1935.while he was teaching physical education ,his first lifesaving course  was held in Tehran(Manzareih camp).Dr.Hossein Banaei ,one of his honor students,taught lifesaving & swimming styles in physical education faculty in Tehran ( 1938-1944) .Then Mr.Davood Nasiri  one of his students ,assumed the responsibility of lifesaving organization in Iran and in 1963 became a member of F.I.S. In 1974 it converted to Iranian Lifesaving Federation and Mr.Nasiri was appointed as a first president of Iranian Lifesaving Fedeartion.In 1989 the lifesaving federation with its new president, Mr.Seyed Mostafa Mirsalim and vice-president Mr.behrooz Esfandiari developed its activities, including constitution of student lifesaving  school throughout the country, increasing number of lifesavers from 5960 to more than 50000,teaching of diver-lifesaver ,holding national and middle east competitions each year for men & women and gaining first place  ,attending in Asian competitions (gaining second place),Asia-Pacific competitions(third place),attending in international courses and assemblies, teaching international  lifesaving  and diving instructors, improving training works, publishing 11 volumes of specialty books, preparing management  rules for  pools and water places, preparing the related booklets and warning signals of pools ,preparing the map of blind spots and dangerous areas of the northern beaches,… .
Having  responsibility of middle east development  ,each year Iranian instructors hold international lifesaving courses in Arabic countries . For the moment ,Iranian lifesaving federation have 4 members in ILS ,Mr.Seyed Mostafa Mirsalim  ILS patron,Mr.Behrooz Esfandiari  member of rescue and development committee and head of Middle East lifesaving development ,Mrs.Maryam Sahebalzamani member of equity & diversity committee in ILS board and as a CMAS full member,Mr.Seyed Mostafa Mirsalim member of technical committee, is continuing its activities.

Diving history in Iran

Iranian lifesaving federation deemed it necessary to know rescue and diving skills, this is the reason that ILS is one of the most authentic training centers for diver-lifesaver in all levels throughout the world. As it seemed necessary to have relations with CMAS , in 1993 diving committee was constituted and free diving was seriously followed by Iranian lifesaving federation. Iran Navy was in charge of diving matters before Islamic  revolution and after revolution and during the imposed war , divers of Islamic revolution guards had effective role in this regard. First free diving date back to 1969 when Mr.Khosro Bahreini founded Artimos association.At that time two instructors who are collaborating with Iranian lifesaving Federation were his students .Several years later 20 women  & 32 men  passed  the international diving instructor courses. Each year international diving courses will be held in several grades (female,male ) and people who pass successfully 3 star course will participate in preparedness course and will pass international instructor course in Qeshm or Kish Island with the presence of international diving instructors. Considering proper activities in diving in recent years ,CMAS considered diving as a federation and now like other aquatic sports ,is included in lifesaving federation . Each year diving pool and beach competitions are held as diver –lifesaver championshps. It is advised  to all those interested , in case of not observing the safety points of this fun-sportive field , it will be dangerous and vulnerable even for masters and students ,and they should study and follow the updated scientific points in consultation with diving authorities of lifesaving and diving federation located in Shiroudi sports complex and tel:+98 21 88861222

Fun –sportive ِِDiving History 

 International union of diving activities (CMAS) started in 1959 in Monaco(France) with Jacuas-if-Kastra management and accepted by international organizations and committees.

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